Text Messaging Software for Local Businesses

Many of your customers would prefer to connect with your business using text messaging versus email, especially millennials. So why not give them the option? That’s where we come in.

Connect with Customers

Make it simple for your customers to subscribe to text messages so that you can do better marketing and communications. In no time you will have hundreds or even thousands of customers who want to hear from you.

Schedule Promotions

Send weekly or monthly discounts. Tell your customers about a new menu item or a new shipment. Invite your customers to a promotion or event. With Promote, you can schedule text messages in advance. Set it and forget it.

Send Instant Offers

Maybe sales are down today. Maybe the weather forecast looks bad. Perhaps the Cubs just won the World Series 🙂 Send a text message offer to your subscribers right now so that you can drive traffic to your business right now.

How Promote Works

Start Growing Your Customer Subscriber List

You’ll get a local phone number when you sign up.
Put the number on your website, share the number on social media, include the number on in-store signage, and more. Get creative!
Your customers subscribe by texting a keyword (like HUNGRY) to your number, and can unsubscribe anytime by texting OFF. You can also import any existing subscribers you already have. So simple!
Text Messaging Software Subscribe Poster

Send Text Messages to Your Subscribers

Send a text message offer or a last-minute announcement or alert to your customers right now.
Schedule a text message for a date and time in the future. Heck, schedule your whole month or year in advance so you don’t have to worry about it.
You can even create multiple customer lists and send different messages to different groups of customers. This is especially useful when you have multiple locations or run multiple events, etc.
Send Text Message Promotions

Feel Closer to Your Customers and More in Control

You are always a few clicks away from being top-of-mind with your customers. Delight them and they will love to keep hearing from you!
Text message offers / discounts / coupons are redeemed 5x more often than email. So it’s a great way to drive consistent or instant traffic. All your customers need to do to redeem the offer is show your text message on their next visit.


Sample Text Messaging Software Offer

Text Message Marketing Works



Open rate for text messages (compared to 30% for emails)


Read rate within three seconds of receiving a text message


Redemption rate of discounts (compared to 2% for emails)

Yet, still less than half of all local businesses use text message marketing to connect with customers. This is your chance to stand out from the competition!

“I was surprised at how many customers subscribed to my list. Over 300 in the first month! I doubled the attendance at my wine tastings and other events. And was able to drive extra traffic in slow weeks by sending out limited-time offers.”


– Matt, Owner @ Drinks Liquor

Simple, Fair Pricing

We charge $5 per month plus $.02 for every text message sent or received. That’s it. No set up fees. No contracts. Cancel anytime.


Want to see what your customers will see? Text SHOWME to 651-504-1805. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll also send you an offer 🙂

Text message marketing
for local businesses.

Per text message sent/received

Includes All Features:

Unlimited Subscribers

Local Phone Numbers

Auto Reply for New Subscribers

Schedule Text Messages + Send Instant Offers

Cancel Anytime


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Bring your customer data and marketing tools together in one place so you can do smarter marketing and increase profits.

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