Know Your Customers

If you’re like most local businesses* then you have customer data spread across multiple platforms. Why not bring the data together so you can actually use it to improve your business? That’s where we come in…

*By local businesses we mean restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, salons, dry cleaners, auto shops, and any other brick & mortar business.

Customer Database

Store everything you know and learn about your customers in one spot. View individual customer profiles and track customer activity over time. Segment your customers so you can deliver more targeted marketing to grow your sales.

1:1 Marketing

Send single-use coupons to your customers by email or text message. Scan the coupons to prevent abuse and provide more personalized service. Track the end-to-end performance of each marketing campaign all of the way down to which customers redeem your coupons.

Customer Surveys

Automatically send a survey invitation after a customer redeems a coupon. Get notified instantly when you have an upset customer. View results by overall or by location or for each individual customer. Store everything you learn about your customers to build out their profiles.