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Simplify customer communication

Grow your email and text message lists. Send coupons, birthday messages, and announcements. Ask your customers for feedback, promote an event, share the location of your food truck, and more.

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"We've been able to quickly grow our text message list to over 1,000 in no time. And we get 100+ customers to visit using same day offers when it snows, or it's freezing cold, or it's just a plain old slow day."

- Patrick Cattoor, My Burger

Text Message Marketing

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Streamline customer feedback

Learn from your customers. Get instant feedback about a recent visit, a new promotion, an event, and more. View the results by location or overall to ensure you’re delivering great experiences.


"Owners have tunnel vision. We think we know everything that's going on and we don’t. If there’s a problem, now we’re going to hear about it right away instead of hoping nothing went wrong."

- Imran Kasbati, IDOF

Track the ROI of your marketing

Scan the email and text messages coupons you send out. Know the who, what, when, and where for every coupon redeemed. Track the end-to-end results of all of your marketing campaigns.

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"Measuring the impact of restaurant marketing has always been tough, but now we can see exactly how many visits we get from our text message marketing and how many new trials we drive from our local Facebook ads."

- John Puckett, Punch Pizza

Scan and Redeem Coupons

Everything you need for better local marketing in one place

Customer Profiles

Store all of the information you learn about your customers.

Email Marketing

Grow your email list. Send coupons, announcements, and more.

Text Message Marketing

Allow your customers to subscribe to text message promotions.

Drip Campaigns

Randomly send offers to your subscribers. Set it and forget it.

NPS Surveys

Get feedback about a recent visit, new items, an event, and more.

Coupon Tracking

Measure the end-to-end results of every marketing campaign.

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